Arta Tequila

For the individual who’s keenly aware of life’s rules but creates a new game, Arta is the small batch tequila that honors traditions, celebrates the present and toasts the future.

*Work commisioned under employment at Michaels Wilder.

Website Design.

Arta was born out of the idea that a tequila company could be both
steeped in tradition and rooted in rebellion. A belief that when we focus
on distilling unique tequilas, you can focus on celebrating the art of life.
This is the Arta spirit. Unapologetically rebellious tequila that embraces
traditions while creating new adventures.

Launch Website
  • ClientLisa Hives
  • Industry alcohol
  • ServicesDesign, Art Direction, Website
Professionally executed social media design

Social media postings that celebrate the present and toast the future.

Marketing Materials

Promotional Flyer and Cards